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Maybe the problem isn’t that you haven’t found the answer. 

Maybe the problem is that you never sit with the answer long enough to actually embody the transformation you seek.

Stop fast fooding your way through spiritual development, on to the next course, the next healer, the next meditation. The newest trendy breathing technique, the hottest oracle deck, yet another crystal.

It’s time to slow down. It’s time to deepen.


It’s time to unite your parts by learning how to BE with yourself, with the support of one of the most loving plant medicine teachers you will find, sourced from the volcanic slopes of Mauna Kea, on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Join us for 100 days of meditation, and change the very nature of how you relate to yourself and the world. 

Welcome to 100 Cups of Cacao.
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Whether you consider yourself a newbie, a lover, or a facilitator with ceremonial cacao there is always a way to learn and grow your relationship with her. 


This is a limited release offer where you can access 100 meditations, lead by 10 ceremonial cacao facilitators, to sit with at our own pace and nurture a deeper relationship with the heart opening medicine of cacao. 

In this limited release you will receive:


  1. 100 video meditations lead by 14 facilitators (Access to videos on Thinkific)

  2. 8 oz OR 16 oz of cacao for personal use whilst watching these videos

  3. Handmade Ceremonial Cacao cup from Totah Studios

  4. Journal for reflections

  5. A mini molinillo for whisking your cacao

  6. Pōhala hand crafted wild native Hawaiian botanical 10ml roller oil

  7. 15% off next order of our original Hamakua Coast cacao

Why did we create this

We know cacao asks us to walk with her in many ways and to build a deeper relationship with her, a daily cacao practice is essential. This heart medicine helps you walk a path of radical self love and acceptance and when you do that you shine your light and encourage others to do so as well.


This offering was created to support you to create a new habit, to support you to build a deeper relationship with yourself and to stay true to the medicine of cacao. 


HAWAIIAN ceremonial cacao from Cuatro Manos y Cinco Volcanes is unlike any in the world, because it is made on the most active volcanic place in the world, the energy of NEW LIFE and NEW BEGINNINGS is embodied in this cacao! Read more here

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Unlike any ceremonial cacao I have ever had. The connection to mother earth was deep and immediate - JJ from California

Once you've had this cacao there is no way you can have any other, it's the purest form of energy I have experienced in any plant medicine - Kathy from Melbourne

I have sat with this cacao daily for 6 months and my whole way of existing has changed. I've never had such a deep intimate relationship with her and myself - Audrey England

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