Hi our names are Marita and Rose and we are super exicited to invite you on our journey!

Cacao, Mauna Kea, Pele and the Big island called us and so we packed up everything and moved across the Pacific with our 4 cats and followed the call.

Marita’s @thepathofix ancestors are olmeca, one of the original cacao people and their relationship with cacao goes back to their grandmother singing songs and making them hot steaming cups of cacao in Mexico City.


Rose's love for animals, gardening and Hawaii date back for as long as she has had family living on the Big Island. 



Why do we have the tagline:



Because it pays honor to both our families and the land that holds our hearts; Mexico and & Hawaii.  It is also the spirit of this farm and the products we are happy, honored and grateful to be making and offering to you. 


While Hola in Hawaiian means hour. We went for the Spanish first translation which means hello, it is a way of connecting and opening to one another.

Aloha is an essence of being: love, peace, compassion, and a mutual understanding of respect. Aloha means living in harmony with the people and land around you with mercy, sympathy, grace, and kindness.

So in other words we are welcoming you to the essence of living in harmony with the people and land around you.


I hope you join us in our love for mother earth, cacao, ceremony and teaching.


e hele me ka pu’olo

Always Take An Offering With You. Make Every Person Place or Condition Better Than You Left It Always. Wherever You Go, Always Take Something With You.) …This Is The Sacred Hawaiian Way, the Way of Abundant Flow Honoring Ke Akua (God) and His Creation Which is Nature.



While we both have spent time on farms, restoring land from invasive species, rescuing animals and growing our own food these our our first full time years on the Big Island.


All things are planted in a sacred way with thought, permission, blessings and prayer. 

We came here hearing the call of the island and family.


Lovers of nature and animals you will find one of our many cats wandering around the farm keeping an eye out to when things are in season. Azalea loves being in the grove and helping dig and plant new trees, Mercury loves watching over "her chickens", and Tumi and Dini keep an eye out on the agave and Taro.


Currently we are taking back the farm from a year where pigs ran rampant in the grove and ate their fair share of everything including destroying our pineapple fields. 


While we take our time gettin our beehives up and running we are making sure to prepare the land for them. We are a strict no spray zone and use no pesticides on the land. Which is uncommon in this region of Hawaii.


We are super excited to be growing one of the worlds rarest cacao "jaguar cacao". While many on the island dismiss this cacao for our purposes it is perfect as we continue to expand our ceremonial cacao offerings. 


Our baby chicks are super excited for their new coop that Rose designed and more space to be able to lay their eggs! 


We are super excited our greenhouse is going in soon and extra excited to be able to share more fruits, veggies and starts with the community.

Lamb Leaping on Grass


It might sound simple, but this is no simple task in a region and land where everything, everything grows. The common practice around here is POISON in any and every form. It lines the shelves and has whole sections to it in any hardware store. 

When we first moved here it was suggested we spray, that there was no other solution to keeping away the weeds. So instead of that we fenced our property in to keep neighbors from spraying on it, and hired help to pull out the choke weed that had taken over our arbor. 

Does this approach cost us 20 times more? Yes it does and it involves more people, more animals.

But for know we don't see an alternative and we keep looking for ways to plant in a more sustainable way and add animals to the farm that will help us keep the weeds down.

Stay tuned for the sheep and goats that will be joining us in Spring :-)