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featuring cuatro manos y cinco volcanes

100% hawaiian ceremonial cacao



we exist in the realms of dreams & creation 

This 7 week journey with cacao and the cosmology of mesoamerica, led by Marita, One Who Catches Lightning of The Path of IX, and Rose Siobhán is for those called by the medicina of cacao, maize, dreamtime, cosmology and the galactic element of creation. 

This journey is an invitation to explore dreaming as a consciousness, a cosmology and a state of awakening.

In addition to working with Quetzalcoatl, we will be learning about the the creation and destruction that has led us to the 5th sun that we are living within. All ages hold opportunity for creation to a degree as do states of consciousness.

Quetzalcoatl carries the medicine of heart and knowing of the levels of dreams that it took to create them. Will the human continue the dream or get lost in illusion.

Together we will explore and deepen into living from/through/with:

* seed words that allow for cosmic creation, remembering and return

* how to interpret, and use dreams as a landscape of discovery

* moving away from a linear timeline as it connects value with achievement

* deepening relationship to cosmology as a state of beingness 

Cacao & Cosmology


The newest collaboration between The Path of IX and Cuatro Manos y Cinco Volcanes Farms Cacao

This previously 4 week class has been extended to a 6 month series, to give the work time to do its work in you, and create more space for the complexity of these teachings. 


This is the path of working with cacao for those who are not walking the way of the facilitator (click here to learn about facilitation training - our other 6 month cacao path).


These circles are for those who are on a committed spiritual path in their life, regardless of profession, identity, or location in the world. Though many here are practitioners of the spiritual and healing arts, not all are.

This is not an ideal circle for those just beginning on a spiritual path, and it is helpful if you come with some experience sitting in indigenous led spaces, and stepping into cultural settings that are unfamiliar and may be disruptive to expectations coming from dominant cultural norms of how teaching and spiritual spaces operate.


This journey will be supported with cacao from the island of Hawai’i that has never experienced slave or child labor. It has always been grown in reciprocity and sits with the energies of Pele who is forever expanding and creating from the void.

possibility (1).jpg

DATES: START October 14

October 14, 21

November 4, 11, 18

December 2, 9

Whats included:

+ 90 min Classes LIVE via ZOOM and recordeD (NOON HAWAI'I)

+ Atolli

+ Wild harvested PŌhALA esoteric Fern medicine




state of consciousness and desire 


Maize & Cacao & Dreams

These two are intertwined in so many ways you can not speak of one without the other. Learn about the history of human creation & Maize and Cacao. 

Chaos & Creation: Quetzacoatl & the 5th sun

Build a relationship with the energy responsible for the creation and destruction of worlds


 Altars, Prayer Bundles, Seed words

Practical ways to work in dream states and interpretation



One Who Catches Lightning

My lineage is Zapotec Sephardine and my metaphysical and spiritual training includes work in the Lakota, Mayan, Aztec, Apache and Hopi traditions. Chosen before birth for the medicine path, I have been trained ever since, and teach various subjects with the permission and at the request of the elders I have apprenticed with throughout my life. My specialty is weaving these esoteric and mystical traditions, and teaching those on the medicine path to live in deep and intentional relationship with creation. 

Rose Siobhán

Rose is a philosopher, teacher, writer, creative, and mystic, with experience working in multiple countries and cultures, a lifetime of learning in spiritual circles, an undergraduate in design, and a master’s degree in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley. A life-long dreamer and oracle, she explores the edges where meaning is not defined by one teaching, one lineage, one truth, and is a seer deep into the beings of those she works with. 

awaken sleeping heart  (3).jpg


REstoring indigenous medicine

We are so excited to release our new small batch ATOLLI's. What is Atolli? It is an ancient  beverage made from finely ground maize and cacao, mixed with water. It was used for many reasons including medicinally. The Spanish upon tasting the mix without sugar changed it by adding milk and sugar to the drink and called it atole. 



place is important when considering ceremonial medicine 

The big island of Hawaii contains the most active volcanic energy in the world. The energy of new earth being made from the lifeblood of mother earth (lava) is vibrant in this cacao like no other I have had. it has a life force energy that the world needs now to heal as we step into a new age.

The cacao has said that the world needs this specific medicine to make the leap of consciousness that it needs so that we don’t go up in flames (kidding but not kidding). But she is not here to do that at the expense of her own value, and teaching you to protect your value. 

This price is a reflection of the guidance that I have received to respect the medicina and this work. 

Hawaiian Cacao is one of the rarest and costliest cacao to make in the world!!


  • no child labor is used (like in africa and south and central america)

  • harvest workers are paid USA living wages

  • all made with reciprocity this is beyond sustainability

  • cacao here is relatively new (30 yrs) so fewer plantings

  • hand harvested - Tree to Disc

  • single origin, single farm

PŌhala Esoteric medicine

Pure Le(MU)ria: Laua’e Fern of Kaua’i and Wild Pala’ā

You are invited to take a quest into the holy dimension of Mū continent! Experience the sacred wind and nourishing wilderness of Hā’ena, Kaua’i with our use of the true endemic Laua’e Fern species, and invigorate your senses with the creative, thought provoking power of Maui’s Pala’ā Fern.  Lovely Laua’e is the personification of Divine Beauty, and Pala’ā carries the energy of Divine Conception.  Commit to conceiving beauty! 

DATES: OCtober-December 2023
THIS CLASS InCLUDES special cacao made for this class

early bird till 9.29.23

Full Exchange


support indigenous students

*all Sales FInalE

Payment Plan 

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By purchasing you agree to terms and conditions


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