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Many green Cocoa pods grow on  tree in garden. The cocoa tree ( Theobroma cacao ) with gre

Become a Cacao Emissary

Wether you love our cacao or are new to it we have a fun and exciting opportunity for you. 

PROGRAM: goes beyond our loyalty program and includes training and a referral program where you can earn cacao, join our thriving online community, learn from Marita & Rose

A great way to share the love of cacao with friends, family and more! 


Also this is perfect if you're an existing ceremonial facilitator who wants to include Hawaiian cacao into your offerings but are not ready to join our facilitator training.

Intro to Hawaiian Cacao 

This highly informative & robust self paced online THINKIFIC series opens the door to you to learn more about Hawaii, Hawaiian cacao and why this cacao is so different. Value  over $375

Cacao history + our story

Download our cacao history and culture informational booklet.


Receive our new informational pamphlet 


Two live classes with Marita & Rose

Farming in Sacred Ways

Making in Sacred Ways

10% Discount

Receive 10% discount off of future cacao


Give 5% off to family, friends, referrals. Earn 1 Lb bars of cacao when they spend $

Cacao Chats

Join us monthly for our online cacao chats & circles

Cacao ceremony, heart opening medicine. Ceremony space. Cacao cup in woman's hand..jpg

Emissary Combos

Join anytime by selecting a combo and get access to Thinkific, discounts code, referral code cacao chats & more. Join one of the quarterly lives when you can.
bar of cacao

1 LB Bar


10 minis

1 pound bar, 2 minis of the each (10 minis total)
cacao bar

1 LB Bar

cacao minis

10 minis

cacao tea

2 Teas


8 Atolli

1 pound bar, 2 minis of each (10 minis total), 2 cacao teas, 2 atolli's of each kind  (8 atollis total)
cacao bar

1 LB Bar

cacao mini

10 minis

cacao tea

2 Teas


8 Atolli

dr nurse paula tin

8 Dr. Paula

cacao nibs

3 Nibs

1 pound bar, 2 minis of each (10 minis total), 2 teas, 2 atolli of each (8 total), 2 each of Dr. Paula (8 total), 3 nibs
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