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1 & 5 POUND BAGS (453 g/2.26 kg)

Whether you are looking for larger sizes for an occasion such as a cacao ceremony, event, or for a personal cacao dieta, we offer 1 to 5 pound options of our ANCESTOR SELECTION depending on available supply.



Our handmade ceremonial cacao is made to order with your specific needs in mind and created in an easy to use form so you can just scoop and add water. Not powder, we shave down cacao paste and add the plant relationship (non psychotropic) needed to support. NO SUGAR ADDED WE ONLY MAKE 100% CEREMONIAL CACAO

1 & 5 Pound Selections

Choose from : Rose & Hibiscus, Kalo, Awa, or Chaga


COMING SOON Personalized Cacao

If you are interested in a personal blend for yourself or your ceremony, wedding, or other special occasion, you can sign up for our personalized service which includes a 30 minute free consult. Enjoy the unique flavors and benefits of our ceremonial grade cacao

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453 g and 2.26 kg selections

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