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  • INTRO TO MAYAN COSMOLOGY and how it can help you to live in balance


  • HISTORY of Cacao 

  • How to build a relationship with Cacao

Why Ceremonial Cacao from Hawai'i?

Answering a call from Mauna Kea (the most sacred mountain in Hawaii) and the island we came to Hawaii to be stewards of the land and cacao. Returning to my Olmeca roots (the first cacao people) we source cacao from the Hamakua Coast known as the breath of god and in the foothills Mauna Kea.

Hawaiian Cacao is one of the rarest and costliest cacao to make in the world!!



  • no child labor is used (like in africa and south and central america)

  • harvest workers are paid USA living wages

  • all sustainably made

  • cacao here is relatively new (30 yrs) so fewer plantings

  • hand harvested, hand winnowed - Tree to Disc

  • single origin


place is important when considering ceremonial medicine 

The big island of Hawaii contains the most active volcanic energy in the world. The energy of new earth being made from the lifeblood of mother earth (lava) is vibrant in this cacao like no other I have had. it has a life force energy that the world needs now to heal as we step into a new age.

The cacao has said that the world needs this specific medicine to make the leap of consciousness that it needs so that we don’t go up in flames (kidding but not kidding). But she is not here to do that at the expense of her own value, and teaching you to protect your value. 

This price is a reflection of the guidance that I have received to respect the medicina and this work. 


CACAO calls us...

  • To connect to the heartbeat of mother earth and become good stewards of the land

  • To embrace our need for relationship and to walk in balance

  • To learn about the history and importance of maize and cacao in mayan and aztec history

MAYAN calendar calls us...

  • To move from western ideas of linear time and life and death

  • To find a new flow and rhythm with which to live by one more in tune with nature

  • To learn about the cosmic energies of the day and how they can help us fulfill our destiny

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  • Way of the Feather: Decolonize and learn how to sit in Indigenous Circles

  • Open Your Heart With Cacao

  • HeartBeat of Hawaiian Cacao

  • 100 cups of cacao reflections

  • Mayan Cosmology Learning the Nahuales


LIVE CLASSES: 90 min Classes LIVE via ZOOM and recorded


Intro to Mayan Cosmology

Redefine your relationship with time, nature and the cosmos. By decolonizing time you open yourself to new possibilities and potential. The connection with cacao and cosmology.


Maize & Cacao

These two are intertwined in so many ways you can not speak of one without the other. Learn about the history and gods of Maize and Cacao. Rediscover your relationship with cacao and maize.


Build a relationship with the feathered serpent who brought us cacao to help us heal


Your Path Your Sign, using the nahuales to chart your life

Are you on your path? Did you know you were created with certain energies to help us navigate our lives? Get in tune with your cosmic creation.


Find your sign here:


Ceremony + Calendar

Prayer as a way of life, sacredness as a way of being. How everyday relationship with cacao + mayan calendar can help us walk in a better way

Becoming your Destiny

How to live in relationship to your potential

2 pdS of cacao, Ceremonial Cup, Mollinio, mini journal
Candle AND MORE (over $500 of goodies)

$3200 USD

USA OPTION TO USE KLARNA, PAYPAL LATER, AFFRIM (this can include lower monthly rates and longer payoffs than below)