5 pd Ceremonial Cacao



Limited release single origin cacao. All our cacao is made for ceremony in a sustainable and prayerful way. All cacao tempered from cacao paste.


Cacao paste is made from the whole cacao bean. Compared to cacao powder, which has been defatted, cacao paste is typically 50% cacao butter.


Ceremonial cacao is made with cacao paste, because cacao butter is the best carrier for the beneficial compounds in cacao. This means that our bodies are able to absorb more of the nutrients.

Cacao paste is made from high quality cacao beans that have been fermented, dried, lightly roasted, cracked and winnow, ground, conched, and tempered.

5 pd Ceremonial Cacao

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  • All products sold as is. Becauase our products are Limited Release Single Origin we can not replace your product. 

    Due to COVID, weather conditions etc mail can at times be delayed. We do not ship with extra ice to cut down on materials. If you cacao arrives melted it is still useable.