4 weeks CLASS VIA THINKIFIC Mayan Cosmology and Cacao

all classes 90 min 


WEEK 1 : Intro to Mayan Cosmolgy

Redefine your relationship with time, nature and the cosmos. By decolonizing time you open yourself to new possibilities and potential. The connection with cacao and cosmology.


Week 2: Maize and Cacao

These two are intertwined in so many ways you can not speak of one without the other. Learn about the history and gods of Maize and Cacao. Rediscover your relationship with cacao and maize.


Week 3 : Your Path Your Sign, using the nahuales to chart your life

Are you on your path? Did you know you were created with certain energies to help us navigate our lives? Get in tune with your cosmic creation.


Week 4 : Ceremony + Calendar

Prayer as a way of life, sacredness as a way of being. How everyday relationship with cacao + mayan calendar can help us walk in a better way.


  • Important Cacao and Health Information Please consult a health professional before taking

    -Heart Rate:

    Cacao will naturally raise your heart rate slightly. Please consume accordingly and mindfully.

    -Blood Pressure:

    Epidemiological studies suggest that cacao reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Flavanols found in cocoa have shown to support blood pressure reduction. 


    If you are currently taking SSRI antidepressants and/or anti-psychotics, they might not be compatible with the MAOI's (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) in cacao. Depending on the dosage, consuming cacao might be ok, as always, if you're taking these types of meds please consult with your doctor.

    -Pregnant and nursing women:

    Please consult your doctor 

    -Other substances:

    Raw cacao contains both serotonin and tryptophan which have positive effects on our mood.  Blood flow to the brain is also increased amplifying brain power. 


    The caffeine content of cacao varies widely amongst cacao plants and processing, this cacao has shown a very low, to no-caffeine feel.


    In moderation and of course smaller doses based on their weight is recommended for children. 


    Cacao should NOT be consumed by your pets as it can be deadly. Please keep out of reach from your beloved animals.