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Introducing “Star Root/Teacher” Awa - Do you consider yourself a star being ✨ who sometimes finds living on this planet challenging?


This could be the relationship for you. Everything is relationship. When we build better relationships with other kingdoms this can transfer to improved and more fulfilling relationships with ourselves as well as the people in our lives.


Awa connects to the sky root above and the root from mother earth 🌍 below. If you are awakening which is an on going journey on this physical plane, this can support your integration of higher frequencies and energies. Awa is from the root of a native plant of the South pacific Islands and has always been part of prestigious ceremonial occasions since ancient times in their culture. AWA can make us feel more relaxed, grounded and open. For this reason it has been shared on many social occasions and particularly in conflict resolution as it has the ability to facilitate open communication and is often given as a peace offering. It also can also calm and relax your mind and body and relieve stress, supporting a more restful sleep and can relieve tension in the muscles.



For maximum flavor, store and eat at 70 * F (21 *C) 


Limited release single origin cacao. 




  • Ingredients: 100% Hawaiian Cacao + awa

    Gluten Free & Dairy Free

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