Rose and Hibiscus Baño espiritual

If you are looking for deep renewal of the self look no further. We have the recipe for you! Soak, bathe, rejuvenate in our Rose, Eucalyptus and Cacao bath salts that have been Rose Quartz & Reiki activated by Jackie Pelcastre our resident curandera.

Sit with our Rose & Hibiscus cacao as you soak in all of this medicine!!!

Rose - spiritual enlightenment, Rose: Highest vibration of all floral plants 320 HZ it evokes a sense of wonder, mystery, safety and sovereignty.

Eucalyptus: Represents the division of underworld, earth and heaven; purifies and expels negative energy

Cacao Bean Husk: Cacao husks are loaded with antioxidants, which can help fight free radicals and reduce inflammation.

We use two salts for optimal Benefit - Epsom and sea salt.

Rose and Hibiscus Baño espiritual