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“Triple Heart” - Build your relationship with Rose 🌹 and Hibiscus 🌺 to open your heart. Everything is relationship. When we build better relationships with other kingdoms this can transfer to improved and more fulfilling relationships with ourselves as well as the people in our lives. Triple heart Hibiscus, Rose and Cacao opens hearts. This is an old recipe that has been handed down through my family for generations and allows us to connect to all of the heart.


❤️ Heart of the sky

❤️ Heart of the earth

❤️ Heart of the water

❤️ Heart of the wind


This is the heartbeat of mother earth. 🌏


It will connect you to all of it. This is grandmother or mother medicine. Rose and Hibiscus together with Cacao will invite you to connect to your intimate heart, your inner circle as it relates to the rest of the world. This will allow you to start that journey of interconnectedness and wholeness of the mind the body, the spirit.


Perfect for on the go or to share this mini pack has 2 mediation or 4 ceremonial servingsof cacao. Enjoy a taste of ceremony, enough for you and mother earth or to share.


For maximum flavor, store and eat at 70 * F (21 *C) 


Limited release single origin cacao. 





  • Ingredients: 100% Hawaiian Cacao + Rose + Hibiuscus petals

    Gluten Free & Dairy Free

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