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Are you feeling out of place and not at home? Kalo can support you to find home within.


Everything is relationship. When we build better relationships with other kingdoms this can transfer to improved and more fulfilling relationships with ourselves as well as the people in our lives. 


Kalo is an ancient, sacred and native Hawaiian plant, and part of Hawaiian peoples rich culture and history. It was one of the few sacred plants that the first voyagers brought with them to the Hawaiian Islands nearly 1500 years ago. From a Hawaiian perspective any Kalo, (the first Taro) is their ancestor. 


Kalo has the energy of creation and the four directions of the north, east, south and west. These energies together with it being a root vegetable makes it very grounding and supportive.


Kalo is perfect for ancestral healing work and working with our root chakra and any of the lower three chakras. Kalo invites you to create a new home within and adopt new ways with its creation energy. 


Kalo welcomes you to sit in ceremony 🔥 honouring all four directions as well as the ancestors and can walk alongside you to your new home within yourself where you can sit within your own inner circle. ⭕️


All our cacao is made for ceremony in a sustainable and prayerful way. Perfect for on the go or to share this mini pack has 2 meditation servings or 4 ceremonial servings of cacao.


Enjoy a taste of ceremony, enough for you and mother earth or to share.


For maximum flavor, store and eat at 70 * F (21 *C) 



  • Ingredients: 100% Hawaiian Cacao + Ground Taro 

    Gluten Free & Dairy Free

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