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We are born amnesiacs and to remember who we are we must forget our conditioning

The Mayans teach that we are born amnesiacs, all wandering about earth lost, not knowing or remembering who we are or the way home. Our societal conditioning keeps us in a dream and we have to awaken from this dream to truly live our lives. How do we wake up? We need to die to the illusions.

We are surrounded by opinions of how to live yet not many teach us how to die and be reborn in a new way

Western society is obsessed with LIVING, and living the longest that they can prolong life. Religion points to everlasting life as a promise and saints and holy people are given the status beyond human, beyond death. It's almost like we don't like being human. We are in DENIAL.

WHY? Because to be human these days is to be disconnected? Why? Because to be human you have to be an apex predator and a predator only sees its surroundings as something to concur not be in relationship with. This cycle of isolation born out of fear, fear of death is what keeps us separate from the natural world and so we look to "transcend" nature as a way to cope.

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Instead of forgetting our humanity, we come from teachings that embrace our nature. All our nature because that is what we are. A natural being made with oceans, stars, wind, trees inside of us. 


As we journey to the end of what we know and with compassion and care let it go. Then we can start anew as we remember our true nature!! 


Platforms: ZOOM for LIVE classes

THINKIFIC : Recordings

8 weeks LIVE classes on Saturday (classes will be recorded)

Pre-recorded Intro to cacao classes with Marita and Mixsh 

100 Cups of Cacao Meditations 

Ceremonial Cacao for Class + ceremonial cup, mollinio, mini journal and more


*When you take classes from BIPOC individuals you are helping pay reparations and heal the wound of appropriation and living indigenous voices.