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We have a background of over 30 years as educators in the fine dining and fine wine business. Working with world renowned chefs, wine programs, and wineries we bring all this expertise of terroir to ceremonial cacao. We are not self proclaimed sommeliers we actually were and continue to study under the masters.


Most Cacao is made from sourcing from multiple farms and then combining everything together.

Many times this is because cacao farms could have small plantings, they could have a bad year, the trees are older and producing less and the cost to plant is high and takes 3 years to see new fruit.

Because most chocolate is mechanically engineered for candy and confectioners not much is done in terms of regulations.

Small farms though provide for us a unique taste of a cacao vintage.  And while it is astronomically costlier to make we believe in being more than small batch or single origin (which could mean a whole region) we are small farm. Doesn't get better than that or dies it?

We also believe that the energetics of each farm offer different opportunities and support as they take on the mana of their enviroment and how they are nurtured. We seek to go just beyond taste profiles and truly to connect to the spirit each region, each farm, each tree gives to us.

Current offerings

We currently offer 4 small farm selections each with their own unique taste profiles and energy. Each farm provides a unique taste experience as well as energetics. 


cuatro manos cinco volcanes LABELS.png

Upcoming New Feature Farm: Ola Kai Estates

This estate is known for its prized beans due to the love, care and dedication they were grown in. Situated in Hakalua Hawai'i, Kazemaru, the owner of the estate used to play them music each night and whisper to them how they were going to change the world. Wild ginger, lilikoi, plum, and canela are the notes these beautiful beans. 

Ola Kai 

Loosley translates to Ocean comfort

Energetic: Unconditional Love


Upcoming New Feature Farm: ALae Farms Estates

We are super excited to launch these offerings soon. This small estate is young and the trees are producing beautiful beans with notes of blueberry, hibiscus, clove, and coffee. Coming from the Eastern Side of the island this gem is about 10 min from downtown Hilo.


The mud or water-hen. The alae was formerly worshiped as a god, especially the alae keokeo (white mud-hen). Also known as alae ula.

Energetics: Rediscovery

Kealakekua Bay is traditionally a sacred site for the ancient Hawaiians. The name translat

Explore the Single Farm Collection

Small Single Release Batches Made. Products not guaranteed to be created yearly.

Available only in 4 oz

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