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While most of the world is familiar with corn tortillas there are many more applications where corn flour has been used and is used presently. One such way is Atolli a corn drink which for me brings it full circle to the original way corn was consumed as a drink. What is Atolli? Meaning corn water this drink was many times consumed with cacao. The Spaniards thought the drink undrinkable so added sugar and milk and it became Atole. There are many ways and “flavors” depending on regionality of this drink.

We just launched four Atollis this season and were super excited to share this amazing, nutricious and nurturing superfood drink with everyone. We primarily work with organic heirloom masa harina home and in our ceremonial atolli recetas at Cuatro Manos y Cinco Volcanes Farms

Masa harina has many health benefits that make it essentially a superfood. It’s much higher in fiber and magnesium, niacin, an essential B vitamin that converts food into energy and aids a healthy nervous system. Niacin is thought to help lower cholesterol, support DNA repair, ease arthritis, and even boost brain function. Through the process of nixtamalization, corn is soaked in food-grade calcium hydroxide. This lime-treated corn is a great source of calcium, which helps with the digestion and absorption of niacin. Additionally, calcium aids in our absorption of vitamin D, a key function in bone health. Add to this the benefits of ceremonial cacao and you have a superfood drink. Our Atollis also have added to them other beneficial herbs, flowers, nuts, and spices to support your physical as well as energetic body.

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