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Our popular training has been revamped. Our previous intense 6 month study has been broken down into levels. Choose your pace, commitment, and investment. These circles are not just about facts, or how to, they involve deep personal healing.


We offer several options for you to explore your curiosity with all things cacao. From intro classes, cacao and cosmology, dream classes and more we love to explore the biosphere of cacao as story, culture, and healer.


Want to carry our cacao in your shop?!?! We have special rates for distributors as well as free trainings and offerings. 


Marita One Who Catches Lightning  & Keeper of the Thunderstone

Creator of the Path of IX mystery school, RockStar School & co-founder of cuatro manos y cinco volcanes farms llc

Their lineage is Mexican Zapoteca and Olmeca, Safardic Jewish via Spain, French, and Afro-Cuban. My metaphysical and spiritual training includes work in the Lakota, Mayan, Aztec, Hopi, Apache, and Curanderismo traditions. I have been trained since birth. 

Marita teaches a woven way of creating relationship with mother earth and her beings. They come from a long line of cacao medicine carriers passed down from an unbroken lineage of curanderismo.

Rose - Live Bi Design

Rose is also the co-founder of Cuatro Manos y Cinco Volcanes Farms, where she helps with fermenting, roasting, and winnowing cacao from around the island, as we continue to expand our offerings as well as our relationship with this medicine.

Rose joins our 6 moth ceremonial training to support those on this journey to find their voice and relationship with cacao and build their own business incorporating cacao as an offering.

Michelle Maulette-Evans - Heart.Earth.Drum

  • I am Michelle (MISH-el) Maulette-Evans.
  • A heart meditation guide. A circle facilitator and ceremony holder.
  • A mentor. A forever student.
  • A poet. A storyteller.
  • A wife. A mother. A sister. A friend.
  • But above all…….A listener.

I honour my grandmothers who have walked this earth before me and all of my elders and guides who continue to fill my heart with love and wisdom, directing me to cross paths with those that need to feel into the medicine themselves, so they can keep their own fires burning brightly and share the warmth of their heart with those around them.

Vesna Vavledellis

Vesna invites us to go beyond the cognitive limitations of our mind with the support of Cacao, sound, movement and meditation to access the wisdom that resides within the rich unchartered terrain of our inner world.

Vesna aims to create environments which are nurturing and supportive and that allow us to meet ourselves wherever we are at on our journey. Vesna believes that it is from this space of deep connection and reverence that we have the opportunity to explore, heal, evolve and rediscover our relationship with our body-mind-essence so that we may come into sacred union with all that we innately are.

Vesna draws on her own journey through intergenerational and lived experiences of trauma with an aim to inspire and empower others to reclaim their innate wisdom and realise their true potential. Vesna continues to walk alongside her teachers, ancestors and guides on her own spiral journey navigating the intricate, multi-faceted magnificence that is this human experience.

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