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Cacao Tea & Nibs : Nothing goes to waste

Growing and making in sacred ways means we are aware of the value of every part of the cacao tree, pod, bean, shell and more. We seek to honor it all as well as be as zero waste as possible. We use all parts of the cacao from pod, to beans, to shells and nibs.

Many people overlook these parts but there's so many ways to enjoy cacao so we have created these selections for you.

Cacao Tea, what is it?

Cacao tea comes from the roasted shells of the cacao bean. It has been used as a drink since the mayan, aztec and zapotec times and stories tell that it can be traces back to the olmecs. Now rising in popularity you can find this drink in many parts of the world; our Melbourne crowd loves it!

Great when you don't want to fill up on a cup of cacao thetea is cleaner, leaner and nutritious, offering the full range of nutrients that the mother Cacao Tree has to offer with less of a caffeine buzz.

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