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You've probably heard of single origin, but have you heard of single farm? Why this is the gold standard for doing intimate work with cacao?

We carry a cacao lineage as farmers, makers, and ceremonialists since 1600 BCE. In addition We have a background of over 30 years as educators in the fine dining and fine wine business. Working with world renowned chefs, wine programs, and wineries as trained sommeliers and educators we bring all this expertise of terroir to ceremonial cacao.

Most Cacao is made from sourcing from multiple farms and then combining everything together.

Many times this is because cacao farms could have small plantings, they could have a bad year, the trees are older and producing less and the cost to plant is high and takes 3 years to see new fruit.

Because most chocolate is mechanically engineered for candy and confectioners not much is done in terms of regulations.

Small farms though provide for us a unique taste of a cacao vintage. And while it is astronomically costlier to make especially in Hawai'i (900%-1600% more) we believe in being more than small batch or single origin (which could mean a whole region) we are small farm. Doesn't get better than that or does it?

We also believe that the energetics of each farm offer different opportunities and support as they take on the mana of their environment and how they are nurtured. We seek to go just beyond taste profiles and truly to connect to the spirit each region, each farm, each tree gives to us.

Why is this the rarest cacao in the world?
  • Hawaiian cacao represents 1% of the global cacao production and is home to the costliest beans in the world.​​
  • We represent 1% of that focusing on REAL ceremonial cacao made by INDIGENOUS people.
  • We Pay LIVING WAGES. We buy direct from farmers and pay $13-$17 per pound of fermented dried beans which is at least 900% more up to 1600% more than the global average.
  • Made from PASTE not powder.
  • We carry on an ancient tradition handed down to us SINCE 1600 BCE
  • Proceeds go to land restoration, indigenous elders, growing food for the local community, animal rescue, first nation sovreignty efforts, and subsidizing/free access to teachings for indigenous students.
HĀMĀKUA COAST - Cuatro Manos y Cinco Volcanes Farms


This series is super limited with only 3- 5 pound batches made it and can be ordered in only 4 oz. One of a kind we might never be able to highlight a specific farm twice so each is truly a unique experience. 


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