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Jackie comes from an unbroken lineage of curanderismo. Taught since she was young Jackie brings her passion for love, music, food and ceremony in a powerful, dynamic and authentic way. Her relationship with cacao roots her personal as well as ceremonial practices.

  • Cacao Keeper
  • Energy Intuitive Healer + Curandera
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Open Channel 
  • Shamanic Sounds
  • Mindfulness + Meditation 
  • Sacred Circle + Ceremonies

Ig: @jackys_touch

📍 West Texas, USA


Melissa is the founder of Feather Rock Healing and Rituals, weaving ancient wisdom and traditions into her offerings with Reiki, Crystal healing, and as a Cacao Ceremony facilitator. The inward journey Melissa has been traveling for many years now has helped her heal from a past where she felt disconnected from her true feelings, to appreciating with curiosity, the magic and wonder that is all around us in everyday moments. Melissa is a true believer that, in order to ascend to higher realms we first need to master being grounded and, most importantly, stay connected with our hearts. Melissa is passionate about helping others re-connect to their relationship with the self through sacred rituals and ceremony. Cacao has been a beautiful heart opener for Melissa, and she is honored to share this magical plant medicine with all who feel called to her.

Ig: @featherrock_rituals 


📍 Melbourne, Australia


I am Mixchelle of heart meditation and ceremonial guide.A storyteller. A poet. A writer.A wife. A mother. A sister. A friend.Above all....a listener.I honour my grandmothers who have walked this earth before me, and my teacher, elders and guides who continue to fill my heart with love and wisdom directing me to cross paths with those that need to feel the medicine within themselves. So that they can keep their own fires burning brightly and share the warmth of their heart with those around them.My work in this lifetime is to connect through HEART. To live in balance with the EARTH and All My Relations. To walk to the rhythm and heartbeat of my own DRUM. 

Fb: hearthearthdrum

IG: heartearthdrum

📍 Tazmania, Australia


Hayley Lowe is a co-owner of Grounded Therapies located in Melbourne, Australia, a wellness studio that strives to support people to feel and perform their best by applying a holistic approach to wellness, Body, Mind and Soul. Passionate about promoting healthy parent-child relationships with a belief that their clients are the experts, Hayley uses a client centered approach alongside her offerings as a Reiki Master, energy and sound healer, bereavement counselor, Sandplay therapist, and a facilitator of Ceremonial Cacao. Life can be challenging and we can experience stress, anxiety and discomfort at different times of our lives. With Hayley at Grounded Therapy, experience the acknowledgment and support for all parts of yourself along your healing journey to a more centered you.

Ig: @hayleyjlowe_ @groundedtherapies


📍Melbourne, Australia


My name is Bianca. I am a Rainbow Warrior living in Melbourne, Australia and keeper of Pink Healing Rainbow. I come from multiple traditions and have broken a lot of generational trauma through my ability to stay in heart, walking with grief as a friend and healing plant medicines such as Cacao. My roots are Italian, African, Portuguese and Moroccan/Spanish, and Indigenous Brazilian. I work with my ancestors and feel wisdom and love come through my hands in all my practices. 

I have learnt over the years that your shadow is your medicine, it’s your light. When you are in a Cacao Ceremony with me, this unique medicina bridges relationships with all parts of yourself as a profound medicine of the heart. With Heart, Rainbow and Jaguar medicina weaved into the traditions of my diverse roots, I am bringing together many modalities of healing into my ceremonies. 

Join me where wonder meets wisdom and the Rainbow as an infinite source of healing in uniting all parts of yourself. 

Ig: @pinkhealingrainbow


📍Melbourne, Australia


Vesna invites us to go beyond the cognitive limitations of our mind by through Cacao and sound and the body as a portal to access the wisdom that resides within the rich unchartered terrain of our inner world.

Vesna aims to create environments which are safe and nurturing and that allow us to meet ourselves wherever we are at on our journey. Vesna believes that it is from this space of deep connection and reverence that we have the opportunity to explore, heal, evolve and rediscover our relationship with our body-mind-essence so that we may come into sacred union with all that we innately are.

Vesna draws on her own journey through intergenerational and lived experiences of trauma with an aim to inspire and empower others to reclaim their innate wisdom and realise their true potential. Vesna continues to walk alongside her teachers, ancestors and guides on her own spiral journey navigating the intricate, multi-faceted magnificence that is this human experience.

After experiencing birth-related trauma in 2016, Vesna embarked on a deep and personal journey inward, wading through intergenerational trauma and her own experiences of lived trauma. Navigating feelings of shame, anger and grief, Vesna discovered many healing modalities that have supported her and continue to support her on her path. Vesna is now being called to walk beside others who choose to walk this path and share the medicine that has been so lovingly shared with her.

IG: @vesnavav


📍Melbourne, AU


My name is Taryn and I am a the co founder of Pure Little Hearts. 

As an empowerment coach, I am passionate about guiding people back to their higher self, so they can cultivate unwavering self belief and unapologetically own their truth.


I have seen my beautiful clients of all ages get the most phenomenal results when I use woven modalities to help them ignite radical self love.


The ripple effect that this has on every area of their life needs to be seen to be believed. It is insanely amazing!! 

I hold a safe and nurturing space for my clients, whilst using incredibly powerful techniques that will help them fast track any result they want, so they finally connect to their beautiful heart space and live in total alignment, consciously creating the life of their dreams. 

It is my soul’s purpose to serve, coach and empower people, so they can illuminate their own path back to their true center and live the most joyful and fulfilled life.​

IG @pure_little_hearts




I come from the Menominee first nation with ties to Mexico and cacao through family ties. A mother, knitter, artist, student I approach my relationship to cacao as a friend and teacher.

I come to the circle weaving my ancestors, my love, and the spirit of transformation that keeps teaching me through grandmother spider. 

Sit with me and the grandmothers as we talk cacao.

IG @deleaon_


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